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xixi77 's Activity:

xixi77 1 year ago
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xixi77 1 year ago
xixi77 1 year ago

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xixi77's profile

3 profile views
Last Activity: 1 year ago

Open Couple interested in Girls
living in Raleigh, Florida, United States

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Yes That Is Me!!!!

Hometown: Detroit, US
Interests: Sex, Music, Movies, Cars, Car Racing, Reading
What turns me on: SmartClassy/Trashy WomenOpenly SexualGlassesT&AFeetWell Dressed
What turns me off: Woman that say I Don't Know, or I Don't Care. Hairy Pussy,and Body hair, Heavy Drinkers.
Music I like: Hip Hop, Not Rap, Rock, Anything that sounds good
Books I like: Come on People
Favorite Movies: Anything With Hot Women, Cop Shows, Dramas
Current Job: Stopping Crime

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